Friday, November 2, 2012

The Assasin

A full moon rose, illuminating a large clearing at the center of a dense forest. The wind blew, rustling the grass and leaves, adding to the eerily quiet atmosphere.

Even the bright moon wasn't enough to reveal the still figure perched carefully on a thick branch of one of the trees overlooking the meadow. Her caramel-colored eyes narrowed behind the small slits in her plain white mask as she contemplated what was to come.

Mentally prepared, she slipped soundlessly from her place in the tree. She ran through the meadow completely undetectable, seemingly becoming the night.

Without making the smallest noise that may attract attention, she slid the door to the small but elegant house on the far side of the meadow open. Walking on air, she crept through the house, finding her target sleeping peacefully in bed. She drew her swords, made only of the finest black metal to be as invisible as their wielder, as she stood over his bed.

He awoke to the feeling of cold metal pressed against his throat. His eyes flew open, immediately reflecting his panic. The feeling increased when he took in his surroundings. The midnight black swords pressed against his neck attached to arms covered in black fabric, over an equally hidden neck and up to a ghostly white mask in place of a face. The violet in her jet black bun told him for sure; the king had sent his best assassin.

"Please... Please!" The desperate begging fell on deaf ears. Mercilessly, she sliced two gaping holes in his neck and watched as his life bled out of him.

After wiping the blood off her swords she sheathed them and disappeared out the door, once again blending into the night.

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  1. I am just getting around to catching up. This is excellent. I liked it a lot.