Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Early Graduation

It only lasts four years.
Usually I'd say that's more than enough.
Make it shorter if you can.

Usually I don't think about people drifting.
Usually I don't think about being the one left behind missing.
I don't think about the terror of graduation,
Of leaving behind the lifestyle of public education.

For twelve years it's all you've known.
It's stayed the same, but you,
You've grown.
For all these long years you've done what you can,
And now your life is waiting for you to command.

It's at your fingertips now,
You can almost grasp it.
There's no use in worrying.
We've all always been destined for hell in a handbasket.

The world is out there calling
And it's calling out to you.
It's nearly time to show that desperate world
Just what it is that you can do.

That first one is the hardest step,
But take it without hesitation.
Because when it comes to the important things,
Like kindness, compassion, and a little bit of madness,
You qualified for early graduation.

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