Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Fourth

Tick tick tick
Tick tick tick

The audible passage of time goes marching by.
Time for learning.
Time for growing.
Time for exploring.
Time for fingers flying across keyboards.
Time for leaving a mark on the world.
Time for becoming.

Time that sometimes,
Only sometimes,
And only for a day,
I wish could be rewound.

Back to the days of chocolate chip cookies and apple juice.
Back to the days when your crush was just the friend who shared the most animal crackers with you.
Back to the days when life's greatest disappointment was not actually flying when you jumped off the swing set.

Back to the glory days when digging up rocks in the river made us treasure hunter adventurers, and a big plastic pipe meant a cave expedition.
Back to the days when a splash of coffee in my milk made me feel like such an


Back to the days when the monotonous chaos of every day life was an adventure.
To cling to a fleeting moment in time for one more fleeting moment when life was a fairy tale.
When every hill was Mount Everest and every lizard was a great dragon,
And you were free to believe any dream you wanted.
Back to when imaginary friends were just as real as accepted versions of reality.
Back when peoples minds were the most free,
And being yourself wasn't like being a grasshopper pretending to be a tree.

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