Monday, April 1, 2013

April First

Each day the sun rises
And just as seamlessly it falls
The routine somehow providing a break in the monotony of life
And so it begs the question of which is more beautiful
                         A sunrise
                         A sunset
A glorious dawn, radiant and shimmering
A glowing dusk, swathed in golden remembrance
                I had to decide that the ending was always more beautiful than the beginning
Everyday things begin, good and bad, and go unnoticed
And as often as things begin, they end,
      but the end is almost always more
           proclaimed than the beginning
Each morning the sun rises, unnoticed by
        the millions of slumbering creatures
             on Earth
Each evening the sun sets, bathing each
        individual in an unmistakable golden
Whether everyone notices they notice
             it or not, they notice it
And I find that as the golden glow
       shines in through my window, enveloping
                 my room in its warmth, I can't help
                      but think positively
I see triumphs
  Small victories
    And the good things in life
Little tragedies become insignificant
         amongst the many little victories and beginnings
Noticed only because the day has

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