Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Seventh

Life as a teenager is a
You are expected to
Be a child and
An adult.
To be independent
And needy.
To be competent
And to accept our
At the first contradiction from our "superiors".
In the same day we are told to grow
And to stop growing,
To go and stop going.
Being a teenager
Is to always be underestimated when you can do it on your own
And overestimated when you really need help.
To be a teenager is to be a
Wrapped in irony.
Constantly trying to be both you
And who you "should" be.
To do what you want to do
And what you "should" do.
To fulfill the destiny you want to choose
And the "destiny" others would choose for you.
Being a teenager is learning to make choices
In a time when no one wants to let you choose.

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